Review of St Marie’s Rugby Players Heritage Event

19 09 Start

Attendees arriving for the event

The volunteers of St Marie’s Heritage Group were delighted to entertain a room full of guests for a very special reminiscence event on Saturday afternoon. Former parishioners and school attendees gathered to share their memories of playing rugby at St Marie’s. The room was alive with laughter as memories were shared of teachers who coached the rugby team and learning to tackle on a concrete playground.


19 09 George

George Nicholls talked to attendees


Attendees were delighted to hear from two very special guests; John Foran who brought in his collection of medals and two Widnes shirts he wore at Wembley in 1975 & 1976 and George Nicholls, who talked about his journey from playing for St Marie’s which took him all the way to playing for Great Britain in the 1972 World Cup Final.

19 09 shirts

19 09 medals

Here’s the feedback we collected on the day:

Was there anything you particularly liked?

– Everyone recalling their memories.
– I particularly enjoyed the chance to talk and catch up with old friends.
– It was great to reminisce and look at the wonderful memories through the photos. Bonus George Nicholls and John Foran attending.
– Very enjoyable afternoon.
– Photographs/stories
– Was great to see some Widnes Rugby League Players – really enjoyed all the photos and stories.
– Meeting old friends and talking about old times.
– Everyone made you welcome.
– Wonderful day.
– A wonderful time. Traced many people.
– Enjoyed, not from Widnes but really interesting. Look forward to more events.
– Well done everybody whose organised it.
– Enjoyed the old memories. Meeting old friends.
– Enjoyed meeting and chatting to all.
– Liked meeting people I’ve not seen for years.
– Loved everything.
– Nice to meet people and talk old times.
– Wonderful atmosphere! Loved to “jangle”.

Was there anything you particularly disliked?

– Not really. Just the usual negative comment about lack of microphones!
– Need a microphone
– Acoustics – sound not the best. Cushions on the benches!
– Sound in the venue is quite poor.
– Need a microphone
– No
– No

Any ideas for future Heritage Events at St Marie’s?

– Able to see births, marriage register.
– Fishermore and more
– Can’t wait for Christmas event.
– More conversation opportunities.

19 09 Dan

Dan Moran talks us through an old school team photo