Review of “Millions Like Us” Reminiscence Event

18 05 12 John Redmond

John Redmond introduces the topic of Family Matriarchs

The volunteers of St Marie’s Heritage Group were delighted to welcome over 50 guests to St Marie’s on Saturday afternoon (12th May) for our latest Heritage Event. It was a reminiscence event based on the wonder book, “Millions Like Us” written by Chris Delooze.

Volunteers read out passages from the book which then triggered conversations around the tables. The topics discussed included; family matriarchs, old cinemas in Widnes, The Galligu & pollution and community spirit in the old days.

18 05 12 Peter F

Peter Finney talks about old cinemas in Widnes

We felt that the event was a tremendous success and it was wonderful to hear St Marie’s alive with happy conversations and laughter.

Here’s the feedback we collected on the day:

Was there anything you particularly liked?

– Yes, it was good to reminisce about the past.
– The book was so true in contents.
– Loved meeting people whom I knew from my early years in St Marie’s School. Many memories about events that had been clouded over the years.
– Very enjoyable – remembering things from years gone by.
– Liked it all.
– Contributions from audience.
– It was great to meet up with friends from days gone by.
– Totally enjoyed it. Bringing back memories. Almost as if you were in that time. Interesting.
– It was nice to hear when they spoke about old picture houses/cinema because I worked at the Empire cinema and met my future husband who also worked as a projectionist. Nice crowd here, nice to reminisce about the good old days.
– Found the whole event really interesting.
– The information regarding pollution was enlightening. I’ve lived through most of it without realising the damage to health and our environment. I look forward to future events.
– Enjoyed the whole experience – looking back and remembering all our childhood memories and meeting people from school days.
– Very interested in the day.
– I enjoyed my afternoon.
– Very enjoyable. I really liked my afternoon at St Marie’s heritage.
– To listen to the memories of everyone present at the event.
– The general discussions bring back memories.
– Talked about things that were long forgotten and laughed about things long forgotten.
– Nothing disliked. Enjoyed. Thank you.
– Very interested and thoroughly enjoyable. Nothing disliked.
– Every thing.
– I liked the fact that we all can relate to each others stories – because we are the same or similar age group.
– Very interesting afternoon. Shared memories bringing people together. Even if you didn’t know them at all.
– Excellent links delivered which encouraged discussion.
– Great opportunity for remembering… what it was like!
– Was nice to her about Widnes in the days before I remember.
– It felt like home!
– Very interesting.
– Liked everything, everyone can relate to most of the topics discussed.
– Being the youngest in the group today, I enjoyed listening to all the stories. Brought back memories of listening to granny & grandad’s stories about Newtown.
– Loved it! Love listening to the stories and reminiscences about Widnes. It is a fabulous venue – a jewel in the crown of the town – it allows people to get together and celebrate the uniqueness of this very special town. Thank you!

18 05 12 Roger

Roger Harrison talks about The Galligu & pollution

Was there anything you particularly disliked?

– Acoustics are still poor.
– Not really but felt speakers could use microphones so that everyone could hear people’s contributions.
– Only dislike cannot hear very well, maybe idea to have individual microphones when speaking.
– Acoustics could have been improved with microphones?
– A microphone would have helped greatly.
– Microphone might have been helpful.

18 05 12 Matt

Matthew talks about community spirit

Any ideas for future Heritage Events at St Marie’s?

– Try getting the young interested in future events and schools.
– Look through the old records of the parish.
– My home in Wareing Street was bombed & demolished on 9th January 1941. Apart from me are there any other people from numbers 2,4,6,8,10?
– Ask everybody to bring & tell a memory.
– How about the “old” teaching staff & their last impressions on pupils.
– A picture gallery – old photographs with explanations by the people who submit them.
– I would like to see some young people involved in discussions about old Widnes. I am sure they would be interested in what the older generation remember. Perhaps have some items to display? IE – Tin baths, dolly tub, mangle.
– Leisure time. Walking days. 1930’s Widnes.
– Anything which involves memories of St Marie’s.
– Invite visiting speakers who are ex St Marie’s. Parishioners who’ve made names for themselves?
– Would be good to get hold of old footage on film, even old photos, of Widnes how it used to be years ago. See all the shops, old market, factorys.
– Would be interested in any future events.
– Would be very interested in any future events.
– Christmas carol service. Any 60’s events.
– Xmas carol service. 60’s evening. Anything really. It’s nice to meet people.
– More of this!
– Using premises for musical occasions if appropriate.
– Perhaps a music event once again.
– I think Roger has a much longer list as a result of today.
– Quiz (music or general knowledge)
– I will support any ideas anyone might have. 
– Shops throughout Newtown & memories of what people used to buy. EG: second hand shops my wife’s mother used to buy their clothes from. Family. Pubs? How many?

18 05 12 John & Dennis

Classmates Reunited! John Kenny & Dan Moran meet up for the first time since school!

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