Visitors at St Marie’s

18 05 Group 2The Members of the St Marie’s Heritage Group are always thrilled when people come to visit the Church. Today Roger and I had the privilege of welcoming a family from the USA. They may have hailed from Oklahoma and New York (and been accompanied by relatives from Pantyffridd), but they had relatives who lived in our community and were married & baptized in St Marie’s.

Patricia, Mike, Tim, Helen & Mary-Lynn were terrific company and it was an absolute joy to chat with them.

Patricia’s maternal grandmother’s parents, Susan Quinn and James Holleran, were married at St Marie’s on 30 November 1895. Could they be related to you? If so, leave a message in the comments.

We’ve now had visitors from Australia, new Zealand and the United States. Where next?


18 05 Books

Roger helps Tim, Patricia & Mary-Lynn to look at the St Marie’s Log Books

18 05 Group R

L to R: Roger, Tim Twohig, Helen Twohig Zienkievicz, Mary-Lynn Twohig Dubray, Patricia & Mike Flanaghan.

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