UPDATE Heritage Event: Local Legends – the Story & the Song

Hi everyone.

I’m delighted to report that Saturday’s Heritage Talk at St Marie’s, “Local Legends – the Story & the Song” by Bob Roach is a sell out!

All the seats have been reserved so if you’ve booked your place, please don’t forget to come along.

St M Arthur 3

A previous Heritage Talk at St Marie’s

We’ll be opening the doors of St Marie’s at 13.30 on Saturday and the talk will start at 14.00 prompt. Members of the St Marie’s Heritage Group will be on hand to make you a cup of tea and answer any questions you may have about the redevelopment of St Marie’s.

We look forward to welcoming you all on Saturday.

Matthew Roberts

4 thoughts on “UPDATE Heritage Event: Local Legends – the Story & the Song

  1. My sister and I would have loved to have gone to the talk but we are unable to this weekend. I live in Middlesex and my sister lives in Oxfordshire. Our family comes from Widnes and we would have loved to have heard the talk. Will you be making a video or CD of it? Thanking you hopefully!!

    • Hi David. We hadn’t planned on trying to record the event, but you’ve given us food for thought! I fear that we’ll not have time to sort something out for tomorrow, but we’ll try our best to do something further down the line. Thanks for getting in touch. Matthew

  2. Hi Mathew, would it harm anyone if you organised a Mass on a special occasion such as Christmass or Easter as a lot of memories most people have of this building are services that they attended in the past.
    Many thanks .


    • Hi Peter. Many thanks for getting in touch. I’m afraid that we’ve had to sign a contract stating that no formal acts of worship can take place in St Marie’s. We appreciate how popular a mass would be, but it’s a none starter I’m afraid. We are hoping to have a carol service at Christmas though. Kind regards. Matthew

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