Pics of the Week – Week 34 (Part One)

There was so much going on in Week 34 that I decided to break it up into two separate posts. The photographs below were provided by Dave Clark from John Turner Construction Ltd.

The following photographs were taken between Monday 16th June and Wednesday 18th June.

St Maries WK 34 032

The lads lay a nice, new tarmac path.

St Maries wk34b 002

A ramp is installed outside the extension to improve access for people with disabilities.

St Maries wk34b 013

The sign for Halton & St Helens VCA goes up!

St Maries Wk34c 001

The covers have come off the organ and it’s been polished up nicely. Note the difference in the floor since previous photos.

St Maries Wk34c 004

An interesting view of the offices down the wings of the building. We chose glass so that the walls would be as sympathetic to the building and as subtle as possible.

St Maries Wk34c 003

The covers are off from the Side Altar to the left of the Altar.

St Maries Wk34c 002

The covers have been taken off the Side Altar to the right of the Altar.

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