Pics of the Week – Week 32

Hello again.

Sincere apologies for the delay since I last posted. I’ve been without the internet for the past few weeks. As always, these photos were taken by Dave Clark (Project Manager and all round good egg) from John Turner Construction Ltd.

The photos were taken between Monday 2nd June and Friday 6th June.

st maries week 32 020

A rail has been added to the wall on Lugsdale Road.

st maries week 32 036

Where the old floor meets the new. Here, the view from the Boardroom (under the Organ Loft). You can see the difference between the original floor (not damaged by dry rot) and the new. Both will be sanded down and varnished to make them as similar as possible.

st maries week 32 067

The reflectors in the roof, which reflect light both up into the ceiling and down into the centre of St Marie’s.

st maries wk 32b 036

The view of the new offices from the altar.

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