No More Update Tours!

Hi everyone.

Sad to report that we’ll be unable to host any more Update Tours before the redevelopment work is completed and St Marie’s is once again open to the public. This is due to the nature of the work that will be undertaken on the floor over the upcoming weeks.

Thanks very much to the 22 people who came along to the tours which were held on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. The feedback we received was extremely positive (though a few people agreed with me that the glass light reflectors in the ceiling take some getting used to!)


Ann, Pauline, Kevin, Veronica, Tommy, Ted, Dave and Phil (I hope I’ve remembered everyone’s name correctly)

Not one of us could remember that the corner columns were painted brown (surely they were all just sandstone?) and we all wondered what was going on. However, this photo from April 2009 proves that even the best memory can still get things wrong!

St Maries Church , Lugsdale Road Widnes 16 April 09 (2)

Thanks to everyone who asked if they could come along. Sincere apologies to those who we couldn’t fit in.



1 thought on “No More Update Tours!

  1. Fr M Youell invited some troubled young people to assist in renovating the church whilst he was parish priest and the corner columns were painted by them originally x

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