Pics of the Week – Week 29

Here are our most recent Pics of the Week, as captured by Dave Clark from John Turner Construction Ltd.

st maries wk29 008

Lower mid roof repairs now complete including new lightening protection.

st maries wk29 043

Dave’s office gets moved to the far side of the car park.

st maries wk29 032

Commencement of breaking up existing pathway in order to install new drainage and paviors.

st maries wk29a 052

Existing floor boards being relayed and once used, the remainder will be laid in new boards. Once stained and finished, they will all match.

st maries wk29a 005

This is a hydrometer used to measure the moisture within the new concrete slab in the extension. 75% or less does not require any further Damp Proof Membrane. This score of 88% required a liquid DPM prior to laying new floor finishes.

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