Have Your Say! – Norton Priory (27.07.12)

On Friday evening, Irene Bramwell and I had the pleasure of attending an event at Norton Priory Museum & Gardens. If you’ve never been to Norton Priory, you really are missing out. I don’t think there’s a more beautiful outdoor setting in Halton than the Walled Garden.

We battled the elements (facing up to intense sun and heavy wind). “As long as it doesn’t rain we’ll be fine” I naively said to Irene before we left the office. This did provide us with the justification for enjoying some delicious homemade ice cream, which we purchased from the fine people at Daresbury Dairy Ice Cream (http://www.daresburydairy.co.uk/)

More importantly, we managed to chat to several local people who were keen to hear about our plans for the church.

For more information on Norton Priory Museum & Gardens (including details of all their summer activities), please visit http://www.nortonpriory.org/.

Here’s some photos of Irene and I wilting in the sun:

Clipboards at the ready!

A chance to enjoy some homemade ice cream – with disastrous consequences for my tie.

Former parishioners at St Mare’s Church debate the redevelopment with Irene.

Thanks very much to Irene for coming along to help on the night.

I’ll be collectingf the views of local people in Tesco’s in Widnes on Thursday from 10am till 3pm so please do pop in if you’re going to be in the area!

Don’t forget that if you want to Have Your Say, you can! Simply click on this link to visit on our online survey.


Thank you. It will only take a few moments of your time and it could a massive difference to our project.

Many thanks,

Matthew Roberts

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