Have Your Say! – Widnes Market (25.07.12)

On Tuesday 25th July, I was joined by David Waterfall (from Pulse Regeneration) as we set up camp in the foyer at Widnes Market. We had a brilliant day chatting to visitors to the market about the proposed redevelopment of nearby St Marie’s Church. The responses we got were universally positive.

Don’t forget that if you want to Have Your Say, you can! Simply click on this link to visit on our online survey.


Thank you. It will only take a few moments of your time and it could a massive difference to our project.

Matthew Roberts

Here are some photos of David and I in action:

A refeshed David settles in for a day of Consultation.

A former parishioner has his say.

Former parishioners chat to David about the plans.

I got the chance to speak to 3 former Altar Boys at St Marie’s Church.

This former St Marie’s parishioner is very hopeful she’ll get to sit inside the church once again.

A lady from Liverpool stops by to add her support to the project.

It’s lunchtime and someone visiting the market to buy a sandwich takes a moment to talk to us first.

David captures the views of local people.

A HBC employee stops by to lend her support.

This gentleman revealed that he carries a photo of one of the former priests at St Marie’s Church in his wallet!

Me chatting to a former parishioner.

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