Review of Heritage Talk at St Marie’s – “For the Fallen”

18 10 27 StartOn Saturday (27th October) the volunteers of the St Marie’s Heritage Group were delighted to welcome over 40 guests into the building to listen to a Heritage Talk on the First World War, delivered by the brilliant Eileen Smith.

Eileen a former parishioner of St Marie’s provided fascinating details about her own family’s service during the war. Even some of the history buffs in attendance said that they learnt some new things.

Eileen also provided an extremely interesting display of relevant props and posters and played some appropriate themed music too.

18 10 27 Props

The St Marie’s Heritage Group are very grateful to Eileen (and her husband) for volunteering their time and delivering a brilliant talk.

Here’s the feedback we collected on the day:

Was there anything you particularly liked?
– Seeing people there from years gone by.
– Enjoyed. Always do – that’s why I come.
– Thought I knew a lot about WW1 but Eileen taught me a lot I didn’t know.
– Lots of new things learned, although perhaps a microphone would help for future events?

Was there anything you particularly disliked?
– Could have done with a microphone.
– Could have done with a microphone. Thought we were going to have a “sing-song”?
– Could do with a microphone, couldn’t really hear.
– Definitely need a microphone so everyone can hear.
– Sound.
– Sound system?
– Need a microphone.

Any ideas for future Heritage Events at St Marie’s?
– Christmas Tree at Carol Concert.
– Can we have a Christmas Tree for the Carol Concert. Please. An Afternnon Tea-Sandwich Cakes etc if everyone could bring a plate of something.
– Knights Choir
– Teachers of St Marie’s over the years.

18 10 27 Chatting

Attendees chat shortly before the talk.

18 10 27 Eileen

Eileen Smith delivers “For the Fallen”



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