Heritage Event at St Marie’s: St Marie‘s – Your Story

Amanda SoloSaturday 8th October. From 2pm till 4pm. Venue: St Marie’s, Lugsdale Road.

The St Marie’s Heritage Group are proud to invite former parishioners, residents and school alumni to a special Reminiscence Event entitled “St Marie’s – Your Story”.

This will be a wonderful opportunity to see familiar faces, swap stories and catch up with old friends.

Why not come and join us, grab a biscuit & a cup of tea and join in the conversation?

Amongst the topics we’ll be discussing will be:
– What’s your happiest memory from St Marie’s?
– Did you go on any St Marie’s school trips?
– Can you remember any unusual events?

To book your free place at the event, please contact Matthew Roberts on (01928) 592 405 or mroberts@haltonsthelensvca.org.uk

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