Heritage Event at St Marie’s – “A Day Of Discovery”

Saturday 22nd November 2014

From Midday until 5pm.

Come and browse through all the parish notice books (or Mission Logs) from 1865 until the Church closed for worship.

Find your family names recorded in a variety of ways – including marriage banns!

These books are a rich source of history, being the written account of the priests’ notices that were read from the pulpit at the end of Mass.

You will be surprised at what you can discover.

There’s no need to book a place, just call in at St Marie’s between midday and 5pm.

For further information, please call Matthew Roberts on (01928) 592 405.

6 thoughts on “Heritage Event at St Marie’s – “A Day Of Discovery”

      • Hi Matthew is there anywhere we can access the records. Both my parents and grandparents belonged to St. Marie’s and I would love to be able to have an insight into their parish life.
        I think the renovation looks fabulous and its great to see an old building restored instead of being demolished.

      • Thanks Jean. That’s very kind of you. We’re looking into where a lot of the formal parish records (marriage, birth certificates etc) are, as we only have the hand written Parish Notices. We will be repeating the Day of Discovery event in the New Year as it was very successful. Thanks. Matthew

  1. Hi Matthew,

    As you have only mentioned mission logs, do we assume that baptism, marriage and death entry registers are not on show?


    • Hi Joanna. Thanks for getting in touch. Yes, I think that’s correct. We are looking into where the Baptism, Marriage records are kept. I believe that they are all mentioned in the Mission Logs though. Sorry I can’t be more specific, the books are not stored on site and are a bit of a mystery to me. I’m looking forward to having a look at them tomorrow! Hopefully see you tomorrow. Matthew

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