Grand Old Photos

Here are some photos (as discovered by my wife, Helen).

Anything to say about what’s going on in them? If so, please leave a comment below.

I hope you like them as much as I do.



Does anyone know what the building is between the church and the terrace house? Also, does anyone know the name of the pub on the left of the photo?

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7 thoughts on “Grand Old Photos

  1. First picture looks like a Mass with maybe a legion of Mary celebration from sometime in the nineteen fifties by the way the church is full? Second picture is the May walk day from the school. Third maybe a confession day. Fourth a view from outside of the Foundry offices looking down Lugsdale road. The Goats to the left then the houses where once lived Mr. Driscoll, that was the caretaker at St. Mries school next the church house and then the church.

  2. The first photo shows the Priests’ House (Presbytery), the second is a photo of Quarant Ore, the third has the heading of “Corpus Christi Procession” led by a Missionary and I think the fourth is another Quarante Ore.

    • Yes, the building between the church and the terraced houses was the priests’ house, the presbytery. The pub was the Stanley. Roger

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