Inside the Church – Jayne Parkinson & Chris Carlin

Here’s poor Jayne trying to enjoy the glorious view from the balcony inside St Marie’s when I whipped out the camera and started asking questions.

Jayne is Outreach Officer for the St Helens LINk. To find out more about her project please visit

Incidentally, Jayne and I agreed that the balcony potentially makes for a perfect setting to eat your sandwiches at lunchtime.

Halton & St Helens VCA’s Capacity Team Leader, Chris Carlin joins me in the centre of the church to discuss a wide variety of topics including ghosts and Multi Purpose Areas.

Many thanks to Jayne and Chris for taking the time to speak to me.


5 thoughts on “Inside the Church – Jayne Parkinson & Chris Carlin

  1. Mathew? As usual you have enthused me with your enthusasm for this project and I am sure that all your visions will come to fruition,.All of my family, Glynns and Tobins, have some conections from 1875. Cheers
    tommy Glynn

  2. Thanks Tommy. It’s always great to hear that Halton’s Poet Laureate is onboard! Have you filled in the brief survey yet? Click on the “Have Your Say!” link at the top of the website if you haven’t. Great to hear from you. Matthew

  3. Looking forward to getting involved with this project. My family has a connection with this church going back to the turn of the century and I was an altar server and later the church organist for nearly 30 years until it closed. Sad to see it in such a sorry state of disrepair and I’m looking forward to help in bringing it back to its former glory with friends and current parishioners.

  4. Thanks Peter. We’re really grateful to you for offering to get involved and for helping to spread the word about the project! Fingers crossed we’ll be spending some time in 2013 preparing Heritage Displays in the Church that are a fitting tribute to the legacy of St Marie’s!

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