Heritage Talk at St Marie’s – When The Irish Came to Widnes

irish-came-to-widnesSaturday 18th March 2017. 13.45 till 16.45.

The St Marie’s Heritage Group are delighted to invite you to attend the next of our Heritage Events at St Marie’s on Lugsdale Road, Widnes.

We’ll be commemorating St Patrick’s Day weekend by putting on a Heritage Talk which recognises and celebrates the contribution of Irish migrants in helping to create the town of Widnes during the mid-Nineteenth Century.

Local Historian and Author, David Hopkins will be our special guest and he’ll be delivering a session which will enable the audience to appreciate:
– Ireland’s social structure in the year 1840
– The true nature of the disaster that occurred in Ireland’s western counties during the years 1845-51
– The origins of the ‘Irish Diaspora’ and the hardship experienced by Irish migrants travelling to Great Britain, especially from the western counties
– The circumstances that determined Widnes’s future as an industrial town
– Why families of Irish migrants and their first-generation descendants once formed Widnes’s largest single ethnic group

This promises to be a fascinating and enjoyable afternoon.

Please note that with a running time of around 3 hours, this event will be longer than our usual Heritage Talks.

To book your free place at this event, please contact Matthew Roberts via (01928) 592 405 or mroberts@haltonsthelensvca.org.uk

Please note that places (and seats) are limited and your entrance cannot be guaranteed if you haven’t booked a place.

Many thanks.

Matthew Roberts

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